About Us

We’re a team of trance fanatics…

We are a group of passionate North American trance aficionados, who truly live and believe in the lifestyle. Initially, established as a local Trance community/Facebook page, we progressed into an internationally recognized online Trance Editorial, collaborating with some of the biggest names in industry. Trance United is devoted to creating quality Trance related news, articles, and interviews  to the millions of trance fans across the globe. Connecting like-minded people who share the same love & passion.

Whether you can identify as a well versed Trance lover, someone who just delved into Trance (with much to learn), or a curious fan who just discovered the beauty of Trance – this place is for you.

For article inquires, interview requests, promos, etc please e-mail erika@trance-united.com

“United by trance, together we dance.”

The Team

Elena Mstrance – Founder

Erika Razzo- Co-Founder/Editor In Chief/Writer

Greg Baron – Senior Editor/Writer

Brad Mehlenbacher – Senior Editor/Interviewer/Writer 

Jules Giannantonio – Writer

Monika Sobota – Writer

James Nitsch – Writer

Kyle Fitsgibbon – Part-time Writer

Johnny Lu – Interviewer/Social Media Content Creator

Shawna Jade Valeria – Social Media Content Creator

Nelson Lung – Interviewer/Social Media Content Creator

Interested in joining our team? We are looking for knowledgeable trance enthusiasts, who are willing to work solely for their love of trance, and to gain experience in the industry. We are hiring for the following positions:

  • Full Time Writer
  • Website Content Creator
  • Graphic Designer

Send all applications to erika@trance-united.com CC’ greg@trance-united.com

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