INTERVIEW: Fadi from Aly & Fila opens up about life on the road without Aly

aly---fila-may-2013-press-shot- The year has only just begun but that hasn’t slowed down uplifting trance marvels Aly & Fila from conquering the world with a FSOE tour

During their ongoing tour front man Fadi (Fila) humbled Toronto with a glorious 4 hour long DJ set at the notorious Guvernment Nightclub on Jan 25; an unforgettable night that continues to be celebrated amongst the trance fanatics who bared witness to the magic. Click here to read the event recap

Aly & Fila graciously lent us their time to answer a few personal questions

TU: Congratulations on the ever growing success of your latest artist album “Quiet Storm.” Which song off the album do you resonate the most with? What does it mean to you?

Aly & Fila: Thank you very much. We are very happy how the album has been received worldwide. That’s a great question, as we resonate with each track for different reasons. Perhaps “First Sun” or “Tula”. Both are emotional tracks and everything about it takes you on an emotional journey.

TU: You and Aly have been close friends since kindergarten. Sadly, Aly isn’t able to perform live with you due to hearing damage. How does this affect you both as artists? Does he ever join you while you’re touring, or does he remain home in Egypt strictly producing?

Aly & Fila: It was an unfortunate situation that took place quite some years ago with the ear damage. It does not affect us, we work together great in the studio. Aly does not join me on tour with the 21st century technology being the way it is. It is much easier now to work on the road and to be able to send pieces of music back to Aly, and he can then work on a part and send it back to me and so forth. We work well as a team.


TU: On your album artwork and promotional content you feature prominent hieroglyphics, how important is that part of Egyptian culture to you personally?

Aly & Fila: We are extremely proud to be Egyptian, and also of our proud history and culture in the country. It is great that we can represent our country on an international scale and promote Egypt worldwide through events we play at. Egypt is a wonderful country, so much to see and do, so much beauty and the clubbing culture is really great.

Find us on facebook!
Find us on facebook!

TU: Can you recall what your first trance show was, and is there a memory from that which you remember fondly?

Aly & Fila: We played a Gatecrasher show in Egypt with Scott Bond, many many years ago. It was the start of a great journey.

TU: Your last milestone for Future Sound of Egypt 300 was a huge success! What do you have in store for your faithful listeners for the FSOE 350 celebration?

Aly & Fila: FSOE 300 surpassed any expectations we had and was such an amazing experience. Hosting the events in so many great countries and to be able to do the LIVE Broadcast from each event was such a great experience. We are deep into plans for FSOE 350, and we are actually announcing our first city and date today. All will be revealed over the next month or so, we are excited.

TU: FSOE vs Subculture is a huge event coming to Amsterdam this summer. How did this event come about?

Aly & Fila: Well John O’Callaghan and ourselves have talked for a while about doing some label branded events together, and the first city we wanted to target is Amsterdam. After many talks, Grotesque from Netherlands are officially hosting the event. Constructing the line up was fun, but also challenging. We are very happy with the line up for the weekend.

Find us on facebook!
Find us on facebook!

TU: In a previous interview you said that you wouldn’t have been exposed to electronic music if it weren’t for your friends who brought back CDs from Europe. If by some horrible twist of fate you weren’t aware of this music, what do you think you two would be doing now instead?

Aly & Fila: Actually it was Fila who went to Europe, mainly to Germany where he would collect Paul Van Dyk mixes, this was extremely inspiring. No idea to be honest and could have never imagined a life without Trance.

TU: As such influential DJs who are often kept busy in the studio or touring, where do you find balance for personal time? What does happiness mean to you?

Aly & Fila: Our families are so supportive and understanding of what we do. Our families and fans are what make us so happy. We thank them all for their love and support, and we always find the time. You learn to find the balance.

Thank you,

Aly & Fila

Upcoming Tour Dates

Date Venue


Feb 14 Serbia Wonderland Belgrade, Serbia


Feb 15 ASOT 650 @ Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Netherlands


Feb 21 D-LABLE Guangzhou, China
Feb 22 Armani Bar Hong Kong, China
Feb 28 ASOT 650 @ Espacio Broadway Santiago, Chile


Mar 01 ASOT 650 @ Ex Ciudad Deportiva de la Boca Buenos Aires, Argentina


Mar 07 Digital Society Leeds, United Kingdom


Mar 08 Goodgreef @ Mandela Hall Ireland, United Kingdom


Mar 15 Transmission Bratislava, Slovakia


Mar 28 Mystery Sounds Boat Party, The Musette Miami, FL


Mar 30 ASOT 650 @ Ultra Music Fest Miami, FL


Apr 04 Trancemission Russia Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Apr 05 Trancemission Russia Moscow, Russian Federation

Interview by Elena Mstrance

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