ALBUM REVIEW: “We Are Lucky People” by Story-Teller Lange


Written by Jules Giannantonio

On November 18th, international trance DJ and producer Stuart Langelaan, known by most as Lange, released his third artist album “We Are Lucky People.”  The two-disk, 25 track studio album was released in an unusual way that has definitely set Lange apart from other artists. Lange originally released a portion of the songs as club mixes that instantly became hits within the trance community. Every track made it into the Top 10 Beatport Trance charts and saw support from heavy-weights Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Markus Schulz among many others. After having such success, Lange went back and re-imagined the hits while also introducing a few new originals to complete the first disk of “We Are Lucky People.” The finished product is truly impressive, showcasing Lange’s top-notch production skills as well as artistic ingenuity. It really is the epitome of a progressive trance album and for this review I will focus on a few of my favorite tracks.

After the melodic “Album Intro”, the track “Imagineer (Album Mix)” immediately gets your blood pumping and your body moving. The looping lyrics are simply amazing: “We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.” The build-up entwined with these lyrics lead into a bass-heavy drop that is pure but electrifying. As the song moves on, the listener gets taken on a funky journey as if almost through a dark and twisted dream. This feeling is actually held on to throughout the entire album, making it very easy for the listener to get lost in the music. It’s almost impossible not to get chills from the beauty of this track as it sets up the theme for the rest of the album.

“Fireflies (Under the Moon Mix)” adds to this fantasy by opening up with the sounds of the night sky; crickets chirping while Cate Kanell’s beautiful voice chimes in. The pounding beat kicks in with an almost mischievous but somber tone that facilitates the dream-like journey with an emotional one. “Fireflies” is a classic progressive trance track with melodic build-ups, instrumental pauses, and breakdowns. The end sees a simple piano rift accompanying Cate’s voice, which is awe-inspiring. The tune is truly stunning and one of my favorites of the entire album.

Fans of the original will surely love the “We Are All Mix” of “A Different Shade of Crazy.” Without letting go of the artistic tone and original melody, this version introduces a new driving break beat that it is impossible not to get up and groove too. Lange’s production skills are really on point here, combining intricate beats with euphoric buildups that are sure to make any trance fan impressed. It further continues the theme of being whisked away on a journey through a dark dream that Lange has created.

Last but certainly not least, the album-titled track, “We Are Lucky People (Album Mix)” closes out the masterpiece. The uplifting and beautiful melody immediately overcomes the listener and instills a sense of calming and happiness within them. When the beat breaks, its almost as if the listener is woken up from the epic journey that Lange has just taken them on and they are drifting slowly back to reality.  “We Are Lucky People (Album Mix)” is the perfect conclusion for the re-imagined portion of the album and an excellent example of how skilled a producer Lange is.

Overall, this album undoubtedly blew me away. I’m impressed with Lange’s ability to take the listener on a ride through a dream-like fantasy and elicit such powerful emotions just by listening. I truly believe this album will stand the test of time and cannot wait to see where Lange takes us in the future.

01. We Are Lucky People — Album Intro

02. Imagineer — Album Mix

03. Risk Worth Taking (with Susana) — Acoustic Mix

04. Fireflies (with Cate Kanell) — Under The Moon Mix

05. Superstars (with Shannon Hurley) — Album Mix

06. Insatiable (with Betsie Larkin) — Album Mix

07. A Different Shade of Crazy — We Are All Mix

08. Unfamiliar Truth (with Hysteria!) — Simple Truth Mix

09. Our Brief Time in the Sun — Album Mix

10. Violin’s Revenge (with Ilseviolin) — Light Mix

11. Destination Anywhere — Piano Mix

12. Crossroads (with Stine Grove) — Percussive Mix

13. We Are Lucky People — Album Mix

BONUS DISC the club mixes

01. Imagineer — Club Mix

02. Risk Worth Taking (with Susana) — Club Mix

03. Fireflies (with Cate Kanell) — Club Mix

04. Superstars (with Shannon Hurley) — Extended Mix

05. Insatiable (with Betsie Larkin) — Club Mix

06. A Different Shade of Crazy – Club Mix

07. Unfamiliar Truth (with Hysteria!) — Extended Mix

08. Our Brief Time in the Sun — Club Mix

09. Violin’s Revenge (with Ilseviolin) — Dark Mix

10. Destination Anywhere — Club Mix

11. Crossroads (with Stine Grove) — Club Mix

12. We Are Lucky People — Club Mix

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